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May 11, 2021

Havoc of Coronavirus – Need of a National Lockdown

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Compliance Law, Corporate Law

Havoc of Coronavirus – Need of a National Lockdown 

Copy of Letter of to PM from Confederation of All India Traders

Shri Narendra Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi

Respected Shri Modi Ji,

Sub : Havoc of Coronavirus – Need of a National Lockdown

At the outset, we compliment you for your untiring efforts to combat menace of coronavirus in India for procuring maximum quantity of Oxygen, medicines and other medical equipment from within India and outside India resulting into some extent the ease of availability of the said material which has enabled the medical fraternity to work in a more proper manner and thus saving lives of thousands of people. However, we are of the considered view that time has come when the Country should be put under strict lockdown as was done last year during the coronavirus crises.

In relation to clamping a national lockdown, we fully corroborate your view that the lockdown must be the last alternative to break the chain of coronavirus in the Country and fully share your concern that any such lockdown will adversely impact the economy and will bring tough time for the middle and down trodden class to earn their livelihood. However, we have noted that till 8th May, more than 4 lakh new cases of positive covid have been recorded with an average of about 3,90 lakh covid cases per day during last week which is quite alarming and reflects the speedy transmission of covid in India.

It is also to be noted that almost all the State Governments in the Country have imposed lockdown , partial lockdown and various other similar restrictions in their respective States but still the numbers of cases are rising each day and sizeable number of people are dying every day for want of oxygen, non availability of beds in the hospitals, shortage of critical covid medicines and required medical equipment.

As stated earlier, peace meal lockdown by States are totally non-effective yet the States like Maharashtra and Delhi which are under lockdown since the past three weeks are now showing reduction in numbers of corona cases which is a good sign. The state wise lockdown is backed by different types of approaches and fundamentals are killing the basic  purpose of lockdown . Having no check on the  cross border of  people and the goods is posing a major threat for breaking the chain of coronavirus. Further, internal movement of people without any check within the Cities and the States have further multiplied the transmission of covid.

While realizing the future situation in the Country, the CAIT has first raised the issue of imposition of lockdown on 18th April, 2021 which was later corroborated by some senior Doctors of the Country. Later, the Industry bodies also favored for a lockdown and recently the Indian Medical Association has also called for a national lockdown with an intent that a strict lockdown will break the chain of covid transmission in the Country which is most required in the current situation. It is also recalled that due to your vision, the early lockdown in the Country in last year most effectively restricted transmission of coronavirus and there were very less casualties in comparison to this year.

The national lockdown will certainly able to check the rising stream of coronavirus in India. We are aware that any lockdown will adversely effect the trading community most but yet in the larger interest of the Country, we are supporting a national lockdown in order to come out from the present crisis which has become a threat for human lives. We are also sure that in the event of any lockdown, the Government will certainly take care to suspend all statutory compliances under various Acts and like previous year, will extend some policy measures for helping the trading community to restore business activities as usual.

It is also brought to your notice that the Principal Scientific advisor and various other renowned Doctors of the Country have cautioned for a third wave of coronavirus in India and to deal effectively with third wave of the coronavirus, it is very important to break the chain and bringing down drastically the current  number of cases which may give sufficient time to Scientists, Doctors and both Central & State Governments to make a strong and effective planning to combat the likely third wave of covid. In this context, we suggest to form a “Pediatric Task Force” to counter the third wave where children could also get infected. Also, there would be a need to make new designs for isolation or treatment centers because parents of the child will also have to stay with the child.

We are sure that it will receive your kind attention and you will be kind in accepting our proposal. However, we have full trust in your wisdom and leadership.

Thank you. With kind regards

Yours truly

Praveen Khandelwal
National Secretary General
Confederation of All India Traders

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