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Private Limited Company formation with 2 directors and 1 Lakh capital

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Product Description

Company is an artificial person created under the Indian Companies Act 2013. There are various types of companies which include Private Limited company, Public limited company, One person Company (OPC) and Section 8 Company i.e. Non for profit company. A company is brought into existence with it registration. Only when the company is properly constituted under the Act and the certificate of Incorporation has being obtained from the Registrar of Companies, it can be duly registered. 

The details required for formation of company is as follows:

  • Details of all Directors like Name, address, occupation etc
  • PAN and aadhaar details of all the Directors

  • Address proof of place of business

  • Business Objective of Company

  • Unique business name of the Company

  • Capital contribution for starting company

We at Faceless Compliance ensure that a dedicated Compliance Manager is assigned for you. All you need to do is upload the relevant details mentioned in Dashboard and our Compliance Manager will do the rest.

At any point of time if you need any help our dedicated Compliance Manager will help you with all related queries, which you can even post it in your dashboard.

Our professional fees for formation of company and consultation starts from Rs 18,000/- which you can pay online.

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