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Filing Tax returns for Business or Profession. Plan will cover all other Incomes and income from presumptive taxation scheme for business or profession

Once you pay our Tax Expert will connect you

Product Description

The tax compliance process for businesses and professionals can be complex, with many changes to the income tax rules each year. This can make it difficult for businesses to correctly file their tax returns and claim all the deductions and expenses they are entitled to.

At Faceless Compliance, we make sure you are assigned a dedicated Tax Manager. You just need to upload your accounts or trial balance onto the Dashboard, and our virtual assistant will prepare a profit and loss, balance sheet, and Computation for you to review. This will provide you with details about your business income, losses, or refunds. Your returns will be uploaded and confirmed once you approve them.

If you have any tax-related questions, our dedicated professional Tax Manager will be happy to help you. You can also post your questions in your dashboard. The fees for filing one year business or profession returns including consultation is Rs 5,000/- which can be paid online. The plan includes income from salary, house property, interest income, withdrawal from bank fixed deposit, donation, capital gains on share, mutual fund, and property, and business income and profession income of up to two crore and fifty lakhs, respectively, on a presumptive basis.

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