Virtual CFO


Virtual CFO Service for Start ups and MSMEs covering entire compliance in India so business can focus on core areas. Fees of Rs 9999/- per month will cover all the compliance from accounting till tax compliance including MCA / ROC

Once you pay our Compliance Expert will connect you

Product Description

Proper management and utilisation of funds requires skills of an Professional and that’s where the CFO or the Chief Financial Officer comes into picture. A CFO primary responsibility includes providing professional advice, managing the financial risks, financial reporting, taxation, compliances and record-keeping.

Many Organisations including start ups and MSME cannot afford a full time CFO,  Thus, virtual CFO with his knowledge and team can provide expert services at affordable cost. 

In present COVID situation a Virtual CFO is partner to protect you from financial crises and plan your business

Our Virtual CFO Services also take care of following

  • Accounting and Review
  • Income Tax, GST, Profession tax Compliance and Filing
  • Company Law Compliance
  • Labour Law Compliance
  • Financial statement preparation and records management as per Company Act or Relevant Statue
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment
  • Debtors Analysis
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