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June 18, 2020

Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) calls for Boycott of Chinese Goods urging Celebrities Stop endorsing Chinese Products

by facelesscompliance in Corporate Law

Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) calls for Boycott of Chinese goods urging Celebrities Stop endorsing Chinese Products

Cosmetics, bags, toys, furniture, footwear, watches — these are part of a list of 450 categories of products made in China that will be boycotted by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) over “continued border skirmishes”.

The development comes as the India-China faceoff in Galwan Valley in Ladakh turned violent on Monday, leading to multiple casualties on both sides.

The CAIT said that the objective is to reduce import of Chinese finished goods by $13 billion or about Rs 1 lakh crore by December 2021.

CAIT strongly condemns China for their military aggression across the LAC in Ladakh wherein three Indian soldiers lost their lives. In the wake of these continued border skirmishes with China, the CAIT has decided to step up its nationwide movement against the boycott of Chinese goods, which was launched on 10 June under its campaign ‘Bhartiya Samaan-Hamara Abhimaan’,” said Praveen Khandelwal, CAIT general secretary.

“Taking the campaign forward, the CAIT today has released a broad list of over 450 broad categories of commodities to boycott Chinese goods and promote the use of Indian goods,” he added.

At present, India imports about Rs 5.25 lakh crore, i.e. $ 70 billion, worth of goods annually from China.

“In the first phase, CAIT has selected more than 500 broad categories of items which include more than 3,000 items which are made indigenously in India also, but succumbing to the temptation of cheap items, these were being imported from China until now,” CAIT said in a statement.

Confederation Of All India Traders (CAIT) Open Letter to Indian Celebrities

Dear Celebrity,

At a time when China’s army in the most clandestine manner has committed a “barbaric attack” on the Indian army at Ladakh border resulting into the brutal killing of 20 brave sons of the country, the heart of every Indian is filled with deep anguish, resentment and abhorrence against the atrocities of the Chinese and their persistent attitude of antagonism towards India. The blood of every Indian today is boiling with a strong sense of vengeance and with a firm resolve to hit back at China not only militarily but also economically.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) apex body of business community of the Country representing 7 crore traders has launched a nationwide campaign to boycott Chinese goods under its flagship movement “Bhbartiya Saaman-Hamara Ahhiman”– Indian Goods- Our Pride, to support clarion call of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for “local par Vocal” and “Atmnirbhar Bharat”. The campaign has received widespread support from all corners of the Country and the CAIT has set a target of reducing imports from China by a value of 13 billion dollars Le approximately Rs.1 Lakh crore by December,2021 with the cooperation of traders & citizens of India.

To accelerate the campaign to its optimum level, we request the Bollywood & Sports fraternity to join hands with CAIT for boy­cott of Chinese goods in the larger interest of the nation and urging all those Celebrities who are endorsing Chinese products to immediately stop such endorsements. Though conducting any lawful activity for earning money is guaranteed by the Constitution of India but there are certain occasions when we have to leave certain activities for the cause of our motherland. We have a shining history of the number of such individuals who preferred nation before self. The Country is passing through such a critical period.

We understand that It is a strategic move of the Chinese to rope in Indian Celebrities through Chinese Companies to endorse Chinese products in order to gain more and more control over Indian retail market by influencing the choice of customers through Indian. Celebrities who command wide acknowledgement among masses because of their talent and calibre.

From the information available in public domain, we particularly request Air. Aamir Khan, Ms. Sara Ali Khan, Mr. Virat Kohli for Vivo, Ms. Deepika Padukone, Ms. Katrina Kaif, Mr. Badshah, Mr. Sidharth Malhotra & Mr Ranbir Kapoor fur Oppo, Mr. Ranveer Singh for Xiaomi, Mr. Salman Khan, Mr Ayushman Khurana Ms. Shradha Kapoor for Realme and all others who are endorsing any Chinese product to stop endorsing these Chinese brands as a mark of respect for Indian soldiers and at the same time we also invite them to join the campaign of CAIT,

On the other hand various Celebrities have endorsed A number of social projects and initiatives of the Government and other Social organizations in the past. To name a few Mr, Amitabh Bachhan, Mr. Akshay Kumar, Ms, Shilpa Shetty, Ms. Madhuri Dikshit, Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. Sonu Sood are some of the front liners.

We deeply appreciate their efforts and while complimenting them for raising their voices for such social causes, we appeal to them to join hands with CAIT and exert their influence on Indian citizens to support the Government and Indian Forces at this crucial juncture with a motto “Nation Before Self” and to propagate the feeling of buying Indian goods in comparison to Chinese goods. The nation will always remember their yeomen services rendered at this point when the entire nation is committed to give a strong lesson to China.

Through this open letter we appeal to all celebrities of Film & Sports fraternity of India to rise to the occasion and support “Bhar­tiya Saaman-Hamara Abhiman” national campaign of GAIT and make it a public movement to let China know that teach China know that in the hoar of need, people from all spectrum are united and stand in solidarity with the Indian Forces and Government of India,

Your participation will be very significant in motivating not only the people of India but particularly for the Indian Forces who are stationed at borders of the Country to protect the nation from China aggression in adverse conditions. The Indian Force will use the Bullet and the citizens will use the power of wallet to make the world know that Indian people can’t be taken as granted and the World will see the power wallet.

We expect a positive and immediate response from the Indian Celebrities fraternity

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