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June 1, 2020

8 things you can do if you have lost your job during the COVID 19

by Mahesh Mara in Special Invitation Author

8 things you can do if you have lost your job during the COVID 19

Every day we see a lot of companies firing hundreds of thousands of people. It is a global phenomenon now.

It is not you but the situation that has made them take this decision.

It is all temporary.

Nothing is in our control when it comes to such Management decisions but we can do quite a few things that are fully under our control than just worrying about the joblessness.

Check out the list of things you can start doing right now!

1. Take free online courses or MOOCs (massive open online course)  from Ivy leagues and other renowned organisations

Many Institutes, big and small, are hosting courses on varied topics on their own websites for FREE, while the others are also hosting on coursera.com, edx.com, Udacity.com, Khan Academy, Udemy.com, Degreed.com (the list is endless) YouTube, for free!

For instance you may check out some of them:

Harvard University:


Stanford University:


You can also check other organisations offering such courses viz., Wharton University, HEC Paris University, Princeton University, Columbia University (New York) University, Adobe Education Exchange, Yale University, MIT University, IIT Bombay and IIM Banglore, to name a few.

These courses are self-paced and include Certifications.

I am sure, in the near future, once everything gets back to normalcy, one of the questions, any interviewer would ask is ‘What did you do during the Lock-down?’

2. Improve Computer & Digital skills

A majority of us are working from home, don’t you think, our laptop is our new office?

And Remote working is the Future.

You ought to learn about your new office; that will only make you future-ready and prepare for what lies ahead.

Learn about Computer languages, App development, Digital marketing, etc.

You can check out these websites which offer free courses.

By Google:


MIT Open CourseWare:


Other organisations offering such courses are Alison, Microsoft and Lynda (from LinkedIn), which are self-paced and provide certifications in the end.

3. Listen to podcasts/ audiobooks

They say, there are two ways to learn, one is to ‘Read’, while the other one way is to ‘Listen’.

If you cannot read books, you can always listen to podcasts and Audiobooks and gain knowledge. There are so many informative podcasts that will blow your mind. Be it finance, law, science or environment.

You can check ‘four –star & above’ rated podcast Apps & Audiobook Apps in the Playstore.

Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Spotify, Gaana.com have some of the best Podcasts (including Hindi podcasts).

Audible, Free Audiobooks are some the apps you can listen to books.

4. Update your CV, LinkedIn, Naukri.com profiles

This is the best time to not only update but also improve your Curriculum Vitae.

You can mention about the online learnings you have done during the lock-down. In fact, I am of the view, you can make a separate table for the ‘Online Certifications & courses’ in your CV. Trust me, it will make for a best CV.

In addition, look out for good templates, they say a one-pager CV is better than lengthy CVs; you may also refer to the following websites for some amazing templates:



LinkedIn is a place you meet the best of best professionals! It is about time you update your details and connect with people of your interest.

5. Learn specifically about your Interests on the Web

For instance, I am a Finance professional but my interests also include Environment Sustainability, Story-telling, digital marketing; you can spare some time in the day and learn about your favourite topics, it could be anything! Just explore and make sure you are not unnecessarily wasting time in something unproductive, for days.

Try maintaining a journal/ book and make a small project of your own on that topic.

6. Think of some Online business ideas

I have seen a lot of my friends (specifically, during the lockdown) starting their own YouTube Channels, Instagram Pages, Blogs, Twitter handles, training modules, hosting Webinars.

People are now taking their passion online.

There is no harm in trying. One can always try!

If nothing, you will learn how to ‘handle Social Media’ and that makes for a Career in itself.


7. Develop an interest in some sort of Art

Painting, sculpting, literature, music, dance, theatre, drawing, photography, fashion are various forms of Art that include every other art form, mostly. Express yourself via Art.  Art is freedom & a tool to let yourself free.  Not every art needs to be creative and beautiful. All you need is something to give a voice to your inner self.

8. Volunteer

A lot of NGOs, home-based groups are active in the times of COVID. Not money, but time and efforts are appreciated. If you are feeling miserable and hopeless, take one step at a time, take some initiative to bring about a change. You can feed the street dogs and cats, get in touch with people who are already doing social service by serving food, clothing, etc.

This is an unusual time and it shall end soon. It is not here to stay. There will be sunshine at the end of the tunnel and you will emerge out as a winner.

But it is in your hands, to improve your efficiency in these tough times and to remain positive for the good.

The entire Humanity is facing the repercussions of this Virus. We are in this together.

God bless!

Please forward this to someone in need.

(The article is contributed by Ms. Meghna Pithadia, you can read her blogs on www.thenewpastels.com)

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