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August 25, 2023

Rectification of Income Tax Challan Now Possible Online

Rectification of Income Tax Challan Now Possible Online


The Income Tax Department’s e-filing website has introduced an innovative feature called ‘Challan Correction.’ This feature is designed to make fixing errors on tax payment forms (challans) much easier for taxpayers.

It allows individuals to quickly correct mistakes in their Advance Tax, Self-Assessment Tax, and Regular Assessment Tax payments for the years starting from 2020–21. This article discusses how this new feature works and its benefits for taxpayers.

Simplifying Tax Payments with ‘Challan Correction’:

Now let’s say that you’ve made mistakes while paying your taxes, and you need to correct them. In the past, this process was time-consuming and complicated. You had to provide various documents like indemnity bonds, which were meant to protect the tax authorities. However, things have changed now. The Income Tax Department’s website has introduced a feature called ‘Challan Correction,’ which simplifies this entire process.

To access this feature, you need to go to the website’s dashboard, then click on “Services,” and finally select “Challan Correction.” This means recent tax transactions are covered, making it easier to correct mistakes.

You can use ‘Challan Correction’ to change important details like the Assessment Year, Major Head, and Minor Head in your tax payments. This helps avoid the hassle of producing multiple documents like indemnity bonds. It’s all about making corrections to your tax forms quickly and conveniently. The Income Tax Department’s move to introduce this feature shows their commitment to using technology for the benefit of taxpayers.

Step-by-step process to follow for correction:

Helping you understand the process of correcting a challan

Step 1: Click on Services > Challan Correction

Step 2: Click on “Create Challan Correction Request”

Step 3: Select the correction which you wish to from the three options ( Change in Assessment Year, Change in Tax Applicable, Change in type of Payment) have given on the screen. In this example let us Select “Change in Assessment Year”.

Step 4: Select the “Assessment Year of which you are making the ‘Challan Correction”. Alternatively Correction can be made by adding “CIN- Challan Identification Number”

Step 5: Choose the “Challan Receipt” that needs correction.

Step 6: Modify the Assessment Year” that requires correction. “Update the detail that has to be corrected against existing details in the challan.”

Step 7: E Verify the correction through your preferred mode of Verification. Step 8: Once the E Verification is done, your challan correction request will get submitted and you can check the status online


In a nutshell, the Income Tax Department’s new ‘Challan Correction’ provides a simple way to fix and No more struggling with complex processes and piles of documents. This feature is available from 2020–21 onwards, streamlines the correction process, reflecting the tax authority’s dedication to making things easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

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