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July 27, 2023

Government organization on ITR deadline of July 31

Government organization on ITR deadline of July 31

In response to requests for a delay, the finance ministry has ruled out the prospect of extending the deadline for filing income tax returns (ITRs) through July 31.

Government representatives told TOI that they did not believe the deadline should be extended unless there were serious issues with the income tax portal, which is not the situation at the time.

Tax experts, who often make similar appeal each year, believe that many taxpayers are having trouble filing their forms as a result of the flooding that has occurred in various parts of the nation. In addition, the aftermath of recent ethnic violence in Manipur has disrupted daily life for many weeks. Officials expressed sympathy for the Manipur situation but said that floods was a yearly occurrence in many areas of the nation and advised residents not to constantly wait until the very last minute to complete their taxes.

Over 4 crore returns have been submitted thus far, despite the fact that officials noted that the deadline was not extended even the previous year.

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