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June 1, 2023

GST Compliance Calendar for the month of June 2023

GST Compliance Calendar for the month of June 2023

Complying with tax-related compliance proposed by the Indian government is mandatory for taxpayers in India. Non-compliance with due dates of GST related rules may result in imposing of heavy penalties by the government for taxpayers in India. Given below are all the GST related compliances for June 2023. This article will aid in providing information of all the required compliances, thus making your life a little bit easier this year.

Compliance Calendar of May 2023

PeriodDue DateCompliance Particular
May, 2023

20th June, 2023

Due date for submitting GSTR-3B returns for the month of May 2023 for taxpayers whose cumulative sales during the previous year exceeded INR 5 crores. Date by which taxpayers who chose to file their returns quarterly under the QRMP and had an aggregate turnover of up to INR 5 crores during the prior year are due to submit their GSTR-3B returns for the quarter from January to March 2022.  
May, 202322th June, 2023Due date for filing the GSTR-3B return for the month of May 2023 for taxpayers who choose to file their GSTR-3B returns quarterly and had an aggregate annual revenue of up to INR 5 crores.  
May, 202324th June, 2023Turnover up to INR 5 Cr in the prior fiscal year, however quarterly filing was chosen  
Monthly return (May, 2023)


1. GST Filing of returns by registered person with aggregate turnover exceeding INR 5 Crores during preceding year.  

2. Registered person, with aggregate turnover of less then INR 5 Crores during preceeding year, opted for monthly filing of return under QRMP.

Taxpayers who are not residents, ISD, TDS, and TCS taxpayers

Form no.Due DateTimelineParticular
GSTR-5 & 5A20.06.202320th of succeeding monthProviders of non-resident ODIAR services must submit monthly GST returns

13th of succeeding month

Each and every ISD (Input Service Distributor)

10th of succeeding month

Tax Deductor should submit Return for Tax Deducted at Source.
GSTR-8 10.06.2023

10th of succeeding monthE-commerce operator subject to TCS who is registered under GST
Details of outward supply-IFF &


13th of succeeding month – Monthly

a) The April 2022 GST QRMP monthly return due date (IFF). For taxpayers having a combined annual revenue up to Rs. 1.50 Crore.  
Summary of outward supplies by taxpayers who have opted for the QRMP scheme.

Quarterly Returnb) A list of the outgoing supplies made by taxpayers who have chosen the QRMP programme.    
RFD-1018 months following the end of the quarter for which the refund is being requested Tax Refund to Specific Individuals

 Due date for GST payments for taxpayers who choose to file their returns on a quarterly basis under the QRMP and had an aggregate yearly revenue of up to INR 5 crores.

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