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December 30, 2022

SEBI initiates Study of fees and expenses charged by Mutual Funds

by Admin in Income Tax

SEBI initiates Study of fees and expenses charged by Mutual Funds

As an ongoing exercise to continuously align regulatory provisions to reflect the market dynamics and their impact on investor interest, SEBI conducts various reviews in consultation with the stakeholders.

In line with the above, SEBI has initiated a detailed study of existing regulatory provisions applicable for fees and expenses in mutual fund schemes vis-à-vis market practices. The study shall endeavour to provide data as input for policy formulations. The policies as always would seek to balance the need for facilitating financial inclusion, encouraging new participants, leveraging economies of scale, .encouraging adoption of technology, discouraging cross-subsidization across schemes, closing arbitrage opportunities if any, and curbing malpractices if any.

Based on the above study, if required, appropriate policy measures would be undertaken after following the established process of stakeholder consultation and public consultation.

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