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December 7, 2022

Can GST registration be cancelled in violation of physical verification as per Rule 25

by Admin in Corporate Law, GST

Can GST registration be cancelled in violation of physical verification as per Rule 25

Facts and issue of the case

The facts of the case The petitioner claims that it commenced its business of trading in betel nuts and placed an order to a supplier located in the State of Karnataka (M/s G.G. Agencies). . It is stated that the said goods were seized by the Assistant Commissioner-II, Circle-F, Jaipur at Bhagru Ajmer Road, Jaipur. Apparently, this was done as the concerned officer found it suspicious. The reasons why he found it so are unclear. The petitioner has challenged the said action which is pending before the High Court of Rajasthan in Jaipur.

It is stated that in furtherance of the said action, the concerned Officer from Jaipur had visited Delhi and with the aid of the respondents, conducted an alleged inspection on the premises of the petitioner on 27.09.2022.As per respondent , there was no establishment at the said address and the petitioner was not functional. The field visit report (GST RG-30) was prepared. However, the same has not been uploaded. It is also conceded that no photographs were taken and no intimation was served on the petitioner prior to the inspection.

The said inspection triggered the impugned show-cause notice and suspension of the petitioner’s registration. In terms of the impugned show-cause notice, the petitioner was called upon to show-cause as to why its GST registration should not be cancelled, for the reason that “taxpayer found non-functioning/not existing at the principal place of business”. Thereafter, the respondent issued the impugned order cancelling the registration, although no demand has been raised

Observation of the court

The learned counsel appearing for the petitioner has referred to Rule 25 of the Central Goods and Services Rules, 2017 (Physical verification of business premises in certain cases. – Where the proper officer is satisfied that the physical verification of the place of business of a person is required due to failure of Aadhaar authentication or due to not opting for Aadhaar authentication before the grant of registration, or due to any other reason after the grant of registration, he may get such verification of the place of business, in the presence of the said person, done and the verification report along with the other documents, including photographs, shall be uploaded in FORM GST REG30 on the common portal within a period of fifteen working days following the date of such verification.”

She submits that the alleged inspection, is in violation of the Rule 25 of the 2017 Rules as the petitioner was not afforded any opportunity to be present at the site. Further, the respondent has also not uploaded any photographs as required.

Mr Satyakam, learned counsel appearing for the respondents fairly states that although the petitioner ought to have been given an opportunity of hearing before the impugned order cancelling the registration was made and the same may be set aside; he contests that the show-cause notice can be impugned. He submits that even though Rule 25 of the 2017 Rules was not strictly followed the petitioner can be afforded an opportunity to contest the same. The impugned show-cause notice was issued to afford the petitioner an opportunity to present its case as to why the registration should not be cancelled. He submitted that all contentions including that Rule 25 of the 2017 Rules was not followed, would be available to the petitioner.


After herring to the both parties the court held that the petition is allowed, and the impugned show-cause notice and order are both put aside.

In the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi

W.P.(C) 16388/2022 & CM No.51463/2022

M/S. KPM Enterprises V.s The Commissioner, Delhi Goods And Service Tax & Ors


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