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June 23, 2022

Validity of FCRA registration for NGOs whose renewal applications are pending extended to 30-Sep-22

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Circular and Notifications

No ll/21822/2322у/2020-FCRA-III

Government of India

Ministry of Home Affairs

(Foreigners Division-FCRA)

                                                                                          First Floor, Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium

                                                                                                India Gate Circle, New Delhi-110001

                                                                                                Dated: the 22 June, 2022


Subject: Extension of the validity of FCRA registration certificates

In continuation of Ministry of Home Affairs Public Notice No. 1/21022/2322/2000 FCRA-II, Dated 24 March, 2022, the Central Government, in public interest, has decided to extend the validity of FCRA registration certificates of certain categories of FCRA registered entities, as follows

The validity of registration certificates of such entities whose validity was extended till 30.06.2022 in terms of the Public Notice dated 24 March, 2022 and whose renewal application is pending will stand extended till 30.09.2022 or till the date of disposal of renewal application, whichever is earlier,

The validity of those FCRA entities whose 5 years validity period is expiring during 61.07.2022 to 30.09.2022 and who have applied apply for renewal before expiry of 5 years validity period will stand extended up to 30.09.2022 or till the date of disposal of renewal application, whichever is earlier,

2.  All FCRA registered associations are therefore advised to take note that in case of refusal of the application for renewal of certificate of registration, the validity of the certificate shall be deemed to have expired on the date of refund of the application of renewal and the association shall not be eligible either to move the foreign contribution or utilise the foreign contribution received.

3. This is with the approval of the Competent Authority. All concerned may take note of the above decision and take appropriate in in the matter.

Director (FCRA)

Tele. 011-23077512

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