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May 19, 2022

Going Abroad? Know how much cash you can legally carry abroad

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Compliance Law

Going Abroad? Know how much cash you can legally carry abroad

Many people can now travel internationally again, thanks to the lifting of Covid restrictions in most countries. But, while travelling abroad, do you know how much foreign currency you can carry?
Of course, there are some factors to keep in mind when transporting money from India to another country. And suppose you regularly travel abroad for work; in that case, you should be aware of certain of the RBI’s foreign exchange limits when travelling abroad for business. So, let’s see how much foreign currency you can take out of India for business and how much Indian currency you can take out of India.
According to RBI norms, a business traveller from India can take up to US $ 2,50,000 on a single trip. The previous maximum was US $25,000 per trip, but the RBI upped it in July 2015. You must also obtain prior authorization from the Reserve Bank of India if you want more over US $ 2,50,000.
If you’re wondering how much money you can take with you when you travel abroad, the limit is Rs 25000 every year.
It’s also worth noting that the total amount of foreign cash taken out of India for commercial purposes each year is US $ 2,50,000. This amount can be spent in one work trip or spread out over several travels overseas, but the overall limit per financial year remains the same.

FAQS on How much cash you can legally carry abroad

Is currency exchange subject to a limit?
The RBI has set a limit of $3000 per visit on the purchase of foreign currency in the form of notes and cash while carrying money from India abroad.
On the other hand, a forex card can be purchased for a maximum of US $2,50,000.
The overall limit for Resident Individuals under the RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme is US $250,000. (LRS).

What happens if you report more than $10000 US?
Assume you provide a thorough explanation and supporting documents regarding the origin of money and the reason for carrying it in cash. Yes, stating the authorities the reason for carrying the money appropriately would not cause you any problems.
However, if your evidence or explanation is incomplete, they may withhold the funds until you offer adequate legitimate proof. If you fail to report your assets to the authorities, they may be taken and released only if proper documentation is submitted, as well as fines.

Different countries require different things.
When entering or leaving the United States, you must report any cash or cash equivalent products worth more than $10,000. There are no restrictions on how much money you can bring with you, but anything over $10,000 must be declared. If you are carrying more over EUR 10,000, even European countries have a similar restriction.

When travelling abroad, how much cash should you bring with you?
You are free to bring as much money as you like (feel safe with).
When passing through customs in a foreign nation, however, you must disclose all amounts exceeding US $10,000.
If you have money in excess of this amount, be prepared to show customs agents that you obtained it legally and legitimately.
To avoid international money laundering, this limit is maintained, and a disclosure is required.

What is the maximum amount of INR I can carry from India to Dubai?
Knowing how much money to bring on a trip from India to Dubai is essential. Exporting Indian currency should be prohibited in India. A resident Indian travelling to Dubai, on the other hand, is allowed to bring a total of Rs 25,000 in Indian currency.

How much Canadian currency can I bring from India to Canada?
You could use equivalent in US dollars of $250,000, but keep two things in mind:

  • If the amount you take exceeds CAD 10,000, declare it at the Canadian airport of arrival.
  • Always exchange currencies with an authorised agency and keep a record of the transaction.

What is the maximum amount of foreign currency I can bring from India to Canada?
A person travelling abroad from India can carry foreign exchange in cash up to the equivalent of US $3000, according to the RBI’s regulation. The total allowed limit for the year is equal to US $ 2,50,000.

What is the maximum amount of AED I may carry from India to the UAE?
Keep in mind that you can only carry a specific amount of cash on a flight from India to Dubai. Determine how much money you are not permitted under the law. You can bring up to $3000 worth of AED and other currencies with you to Dubai. Under the Liberalised Remittance Plan for Resident Individuals, the general maximum for an individual is $2,50,000 each financial year. Money, crossed cheques, or demand draughts can be used to pay for foreign exchange up to a limit of Rs 50,000. Non Indian residents are only permitted to bring the money they brought with them that has not been spent. A man can only bring USD 5,000 worth of foreign currency into India, and if he has more, he must disclose it by filling out a Currency Declaration Form (CDF).

What is the process for exchanging foreign currency in India?
There are two types of foreign currency exchange in India:
Purchasing foreign currency
You’ll need the currency of the country you’re visiting if you’re travelling on vacation overseas. You’ll be exchanging your Indian rupee for international currency. For example, if you were travelling to the United States, you would exchange your Indian rupee for US dollars. It is referred to as purchasing foreign currency.
Selling foreign currency
After returning from a business trip or a holiday abroad, you may have a foreign cash balance in your wallet. You’ll need to exchange your foreign currency for rupees in India. This is referred to as “selling foreign money.”
Buying and selling foreign money falls under the topic of “Money Exchange.”

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