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January 28, 2022

Patna HC quashed Order imposing interest on gross GST amount and for Violation of Principle of Natural Justice

by Mahesh Mara in GST, Legal Court Judgement

Patna HC quashed Order imposing interest on gross GST amount and for Violation of Principle of Natural Justice

Fact and Issue of the case

Petitioner has prayed for the following relief(s):

(i) For consequential writ or order for quashing of summary of order issued in Form GST DRC 07 dated 25.02.2020 by the Assistant Commissioner, State Tax, Danapur Circle, Danapur, District Patna the Respondent no.5 under Section 75 of the GST Act whereby the interest has been imposed on gross amount without deducting the Input Tax Credit which is already paid by the petitioner and in utter violation of the principle of natural justice as the same was passed without issuance of show cause notice

(ii) For further issuance of consequential writ or order for quashing of orders dated 10.08.2021 issued vide Memos No. 1037, 1038 and 1039 all dated 13.08.2021 by the Respondent No. 4, whereby the appeal preferred by the petitioner has been rejected without any application of mind to the grounds of appeal raised by the petitioner.

(iii) For further issuance of a direction or order restraining the Respondent No. 5 from taking any coercive action for recovery of the amount in demand from the petitioner during the pendency of the present writ application or for a direction to refund of the part or whole of the amount in case recovered from the petitioner. Report this ad

(iv) For grant of any relief or reliefs to which the petitioner is entitled in the facts and circumstances of the case.”

Observation of the court

having heard learned counsel for the parties as also perused the record made available, we are of the considered view that this Court, notwithstanding the statutory remedy, is not precluded from interfering where, ex facie, we form an opinion that the order is bad in law. This we say so, for two reasons-

(a) violation of principles of natural justice, i.e. Fair opportunity of hearing. No sufficient time was afforded to the petitioner to represent his case;

(b) order passed ex parte in nature, does not assign any sufficient reasons even decipherable from the record, as to how the officer could determine the amount due and payable by the assessee.

The order, ex parte in nature, passed in violation of the principles of natural justice, entails civil consequences. As such, on this short ground alone, we dispose of the present writ petition in the following mutually agreeable terms:

(a) We quash and set aside the impugned orders dated 10.08.2021 (Annexure-2 series) passed by the Respondent No. 4 namely the Additional Commissioner of State Taxes (Appeal), Patna West Division, Patna in different appeals (Annexure-2 series), and the orders dated 25.02.2020 passed by Respondent No.5, namely The A.C.S.T., Danapur Circle, Danapur, district Patna for different tax periods in Form GST DRC-07;

(b) We accept the statement of the petitioner that ten per cent of the total amount, being condition prerequisite for hearing of the appeal, already stands deposited. If that were so, well and good. However, if the amount is not deposited for whatever reason(s), same shall be done before the next date;

(c) Further the petitioner undertakes to additionally deposit ten per cent of the amount of the demand raised in each case before the Assessing Officer. This shall be done within four weeks.

(d) This deposit shall be without prejudice to the respective rights and contention of the parties and subject to the order passed by the Assessing Officer. However, if it is ultimately found that the petitioner’s deposit is in excess, the same shall be refunded within two months from the date of passing of the order;

(e) We also direct for de-freezing/de-attaching of the bank account(s) of the writ-petitioner, if attached in reference to the proceedings, subject matter of present petition. This shall be done immediately.

(f) Petitioner undertakes to appear before the Assessing Authority on 7th February, 2022 at 10:30 A.M., if possible through digital mode;

(g) The Assessing Authority shall decide the case on merits after complying with the principles of natural justice; (h) Opportunity of hearing shall be afforded to the parties to place on record all essential documents and materials, if so required and desired;

(i) During pendency of the case, no coercive steps shall be taken against the petitioner. (j) The Assessing Authority shall pass a fresh order only after affording adequate opportunity to all concerned, including the writ petitioner;

(k) Petitioner through learned counsel undertakes to fully cooperate in such proceedings and not take unnecessary adjournment;

(l) The Assessing Authority shall decide the case on merits expeditiously, preferably within a period of two months from the date of appearance of the petitioner;

(m) The Assessing Authority shall pass a speaking order, assigning reasons, copy whereof shall be supplied to the parties;

(n) Liberty reserved to the petitioner to challenge the order, if required and desired;

(o) Equally, liberty reserved to the parties to take recourse to such other remedies as are otherwise available in accordance with law;

(p) We are hopeful that as and when petitioner takes recourse to such remedies, before the appropriate forum, the same shall be dealt with, in accordance with law, with a reasonable dispatch; (q) We have not expressed any opinion on merits and all issues are left open;

(r) If possible, proceedings during the time of current Pandemic [Covid-19] be conducted through digital mode;

The instant petition sands disposed of in the aforesaid terms.


The court has ruled in favour of the taxpayer and disposed off the petition

Read the full order from below


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