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December 31, 2021

No ITR due date extension proposal says Revenue Secretary

by facelesscompliance in Income Tax

No ITR due date extension proposal says Revenue Secretary

In The Recent Press Conference of Union Finance Minister addresses media briefing on the outcomes of the 46th GST Council meeting, question where asked to FM regarding proposal for due date extension to which the Revenue Secretary replied following

“Let me tell you by 3 PM 5.62 Crore returns have already been filed in total and today itself we have find more than 20,00,00 returns which is the highest and in the last one hour 3.44, lakh Returns so if returns are being filed in such numbers I see no reason for anybody to claim extension, if people are claiming this I don’t know for what reason are claiming it !

I also tell you how does a compare with the last year last year on 30th of December 4 .83 Cr this year 5.43Cr is filed. ^0 lakh more returns are filed. We have already crossed 5.6 Crore and atleast 20 Lakh more returns will be filed by midnight.

Omicron has nothing to do with filing ITR, CA and taxpayers have to sit on laptop and file returns. There is no technical glitches as each hour lakhs of returns are being filed”

Watch complete vedio at 34.50 till end in the below twitter link

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