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June 10, 2021

New Income Tax Filing Portal has been crashed in an Hour of Launching & till date not repaired : KTA

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Income Tax

New Income Tax Filing Portal has been crashed in an Hour of Launching & till date not repaired : KTA


Ministry of Finance unnecessary put All Taxpayers in Complicating Situation by Spending Rs. 4242/. Crores by Launching New Income Tax Filing Portal which hag been crashed in an Hour of Launching & till date not repaired.

By spending Rs 4242 Crores to New Income Tax Filing portal, Ministry of Finance -India created a critical situation to the Taxpayers of India. The reason behind the launching of New Income Tax portal is not known, why this much expenses is made to disturbed the Taxpayers, when this New Income Tax portal is launched on 7 of June 2021, within in an hour it has been crashed, and till date it is not repaired.

Where as it is well known that, Indian great IT Company Infosys is fully failed in GST portal for which Government was paid Rs. 1,380 Crores, and that GST portal after 5 years, till date many changes and rectification needed to update the GST portal, but, the Govt of India again given the Contract of Rs 4242 Crores to the same IT Company to create the New Income Tax portal which is in now under repair, and Taxpayers are unable to login it.

It is to be noted that, No Tax bar Association, or Trade Associations were demanded or appealed the government to create new Income Tax filing portal, because old Income Tax portal was successfully worked, and was meet the taxpayers’ needs, & was easy friendly.

Now New Income Tax filing portal is very much difficult & Complicated, Ministry of Finance issued 998 pages guidelines to make understand how to use this new Portal, just think how much it is complicated.

Insists of spending Rs. 4242 Crores for the New Crashed Income Tax Portal, Government could update the current running old Income Tax portal which will be highly appreciated move and will be easy friendly to the Taxpayers.

I demand from the Ministry of Finance, that, please returned back the Old Income tax filing portal facilities and make it easy and friendly to the Taxpayers as before.

I hope this Press note will be printed in print as well as electronic media.

Thank you


Zafarulla Sattar Khan


Karnataka Taxpayers Association

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