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December 28, 2020

ICAI Reminds CBDT for urgent need to decide extension of due dates of ITR and TAR for AY 2020-21

by Admin in ICAI, Income Tax

ICAI Reminds CBDT for urgent need to decide extension of due dates of ITR and TAR for AY 2020-21

Extract of ICAI Communication with CBDT

Humble reminder to consider immediately our request(s) for extension of various due dates under Income-tax Act, 1961 especially Tax Audit Reports and related returns and Income Tax Return Forms for AY 2020-21

We refer to our earlier representation (ICAI/DTC/2020-21/Rep – 26 dated 13.12.2020) submited to your good office detailing therein issues/concerns being faced by taxpayers/members due to ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the resultant need to further extend the due date of filing ITR Forms and Tax Audit report and other related returns/reports for AY 2020-21. It is reported that Income tax website has slowed down.

Urgent need to decide extension of due dates especially of ITR Forms and TAR for AY 2020-21 in the interest of assessees and professionals-Income tax website has slowed down

In this hyper atmosphere of pandemic, health of professionals as well as assessees is at risk and is highly vulnerable. Extensions of due dates of compliances for this year is highly justified and will do good both for revenue as well as assessees and professionals concerned.

It is also pertinent to mention that our members as well as assessees have reported that the official website of income-tax department (efiling) is having issues recently and has slowed down considerably may be due to online voluminous traffic. This has further added tensions and pressures to the already burdened assessees as well as professionals.


In the interest of the Nation as a whole, it is once again humbly requested that the CBDT may decide on an immediate basis to extend due date of filing return of income u/s 139(1) as well as tax audit report and related returns for AY 2020-21 to a suitable date of say 31.03.2021 from 31.12.2020 which is fast approaching. Further, all the other due dates of compliances under Income-tax Act, 1961 (TDS/TCS/Section 11(1A)/54/54F/Advance tax payments etc.) be suitably extended to say 31.03.2021 to enable assessees to meet such deadlines without incurring any other extra cost.

We hope that our suggestions would be favourably considered. We would be happy to deliberate on the mater albeit virtually, if considered necessary by your good office.

Chairman, Direct Taxes Committee (ICAI)

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