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December 11, 2020

GSTR-9 of FY 2019-20 is available now last date is 31 December 2020 to file

by facelesscompliance in Income Tax

GSTR-9 of FY 2019-20 is available now last date is 31 December 2020 to file

Facility to file annual return in Form GSTR-9 for FY 2019-20 is now available. The Form is enabled for taxpayers whose table 8A computation has been completed. Computation of the table 8A of the said return for auto population from returns is under progress which is likely to be completed soon. Please ensure that all applicable returns of the said year have been filed before attempting to file the said return.

Whats is GSTR 9?

GSTR 9 is an annual return to be filed yearly by taxpayers registered under GST. Taxpayers has to provide details regarding the outward and inward supplies made/received during the relevant financial year under different tax heads i.e. CGST, SGST & IGST and HSN codes. GSTR 9 is a consolidation of all the monthly/quarterly returns (GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B) filed in that year.

What is due date to file GSTR 9 for FY 2019-20?

The due date to file GSTR-9 for a financial year is 30th of December of the year following the relevant financial year. For example, the due date of GSTR-9 for FY 2019-20 is 31st December 2020

What if you do not file by due date? What are late fees?

The late fees for not filing the GSTR 9 within the due date is Rs 100 per day, per act. That means late fees of Rs 100 under CGST and Rs 100 under SGST will be applicable in case of delay, the total liability is Rs 200 per day of default. This is subject to a maximum of 0.25% of the taxpayer’s turnover in the relevant state or union territory

GSTR-9 is divided into 6 parts and 19 sections. Each part asks for details that are easily available from your previously filed returns and books of accounts. Due to Covid 19 it is expected the return filing date shall be extended to 31 March 2021

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