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August 7, 2020

Step wise process to view public documents on the ROC / MCA site

by Rubina Dsouza in Compliance Law

Step wise process to view public documents on the ROC / MCA site


Section 74 of the Evidence Act defines the term ‘Public Document’. The following documents are considered as public documents:-

1.Documents forming the acts, or records of the acts—

i. of the sovereign authority,

ii. of official bodies and tribunals, and

iii. of public officers, legislative, judicial and executive, of any part of India or of the Commonwealth, or of a foreign country;

2. Public records kept in any State of private documents.

Public documents are kept in the custody under some special authority. Certified copies of the Public documents may be issued to a person requiring them. They are prepared by public servants while discharging their official or public duty.

Some examples of Public Documents are birth register, electoral roll, RTI reports, records of banks, charge sheet, deposition of witness, entry in Register of Power of attorney, Government financial records, Business records, such as articles of incorporation, Voting records, Court orders etc

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regulates corporate affairs in India through the Companies Act, 1956, 2013 and other allied Acts, Bills and Rules. MCA also protects investors and offers many important services to stakeholders.

What documents are present with the MCA?

  1. The Companies Act provides for, and casts an obligation on companies incorporated under the Act, to file various forms, returns & documents with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
  2. Requirements are laid down in various sections of the Act and in the rules/ regulations made there-under, which prescribe the forms, returns and other documents to be filed with the RoC.
  3. Thus, a large volume of information gets generated and stored as a by-product of administration and regulatory compliance of the Companies Act.
  4. The forms, returns and documents to be filed include various applications, returns, balance-sheet, prospectus, memorandum of agreement, article of association, particulars of charges, etc. As per the Act these documents are required to be maintained by the RoC.
  5. These documents contain thorough information about the companies, their net worth, shareholding and ownership pattern and detailed financial statements i.e. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts.
  6. The information available with the RoC is relied upon by various courts, financial institutions etc.

How can one view public documents on the MCA site?

In order to view the documents, Forms filed by the Company on MCA Portal service of “View Public Documents” is made available by the MCA.

Step wise process to view public documents on the MCA site

Step 1 – Go to the Link http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/viewPublicDocumentsFilter. The following screen will appear.

Step 2 – Select the appropriate item from Company or LLP. Once selected enter the entity name (Company/LLP) or registration no (CIN/LLPIN) by ticking in on the appropriate box.

Step 3 – Then select the ‘Submit’ option. Click on the CIN/FCRN highlighted in blue and portal will direct you to Search for a document of that Company which will appear as under.

Step 4 – Once the appropriate Document Category and Year of Filing is selected user can view the documents, forms filed during that year. Facility to download the documents is also available on the MCA Portal.

How can one download public documents on the MCA site?

If user has to only view the Public Documents then the logging in on the MCA Portal is not required, however if user wants to download the Public Documents then he has to log in on the MCA Portal before following this process.

Step 1 – Go to the link http://www.mca.gov.in

Step 2 – Enter Registered Login ID and Password

Step 3 – Go to ‘MCA Services’ on the menu bar and select the ‘View Public Documents’ Option

Step 4 – Select the appropriate item from Company or LLP. Once selected enter the entity name (Company/LLP) or registration no (CIN/LLPIN) by ticking in on the appropriate box.

Step 5 – Select the company and click on “PAY” and Click ok to proceed

Step 6 – Click on “Pay Fee”, Choose the medium through which payment is to be made and Click On “SUBMIT”

Step 7 – Note down Service Request No. & Click on “I ACCEPT”

Step 8 – Go to home Page and Click on “My Document” to view the document.

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