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August 5, 2020

Payment for use of passive infrastructure facility such as mobile towers subject to TDS?

Is payment made  for use of  passive  infrastructure facility such  as  mobile towers subject to tax deduction under section 194C or section 194-I?

“Rent” means any payment, by whatever name called, under any lease, sub-lease, tenancy or any other agreement or arrangement for the use of (either separately or together) any land; or building (including factory building); or land appurtenant to a building (including factory building); or machinery; or plant; or equipment; or furniture; or fittings, Whether or not any or all of the above are owned by the payee.

Fact of the case: Indus Towers Ltd v. CIT (2014)

The assessee owned a network of telecom towers and infrastructure services which were let out to major telecom operators in the country. Under section 197, the assessee sought for lower tax deduction under section 194C for the financial year 2013- 14 at 0.5% and whereas the Assessing Officer issued a certificate under section 197 for lower tax deduction at 2.5% under section 194-I. The assessee filed a writ before the Delhi High Court. The Court directed the assessee to prefer a revision petition before the Commissioner of Income-tax.

The Commissioner of Income-tax rejected the contention of the assessee  for  applying section 194C and upheld the order of the Assessing Officer applying section 194-I, on the ground that the mobile operators had the right to install the equipment on the tower owned by the assessee, which tantamounts to use of the land or telecommunication site and the tower owned by the assessee. The assessee once again preferred a writ before the High Court.

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High Court’s Observations:

The High Court observed that it  was the  intention  of the parties to use the technical and specialized equipment maintained by the assessee. The infrastructure was given for the use of mobile operators.

The towers were the neutral platform without which the mobile operators could not operate. Each mobile operator has to carry out this activity, by necessarily renting premises and installing the same equipment.

The dominant intention was the use of equipment or plant or machinery and the use of premises was only incidental.

High Court’s Decision:

The High Court held that the submission of the assessee that the transaction is not “renting” is incorrect. Also, the Revenue’s contention that the transaction is primarily “renting of land” is also incorrect.

The underlying object of the arrangement was the use of machinery, plant or equipment i.e., the passive infrastructure and it is incidental that it was necessary to house the equipment in some premises. It directed that tax deduction be made at 2% as per section 194-I(a), the rate applicable for payment made for use of plant and machinery.

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