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June 15, 2020

What to do if you or anyone around you is suffering from Mental Illness or Depression?

by facelesscompliance in Special Invitation Author

What to do if you or anyone around you is suffering from Mental Illness or Depression?

Yesterday the entire nation was in a deep shock and trauma after knowing about the sad demise of young & successful actor Sushant Singh Rajput. People are upset because the prima facie reason of his death is ‘Suicide’, that really hurts the most!

Although there is no concrete reason behind his suicide, it was revealed that he was suffering from depression for the last six months. So, it is clear, Depression is life-threatening since it can lead a person to suicidal thoughts and then ultimately to commit suicide. The End.

Let us accept that there is a stigma associated with mental illness in our society and this incident is a wakeup call for one and all to take mental illness as seriously as we take physical illness. When you feel ‘something is not right with me’, take it SERIOUSLY!

We bring to you 10 things you can do, if you or anyone around you is suffering from mental illness.

In fact, you can also do these things in case you need a cushion for maintaining your mental health.

(Mental illness includes anxiety, depression, Schizophrenia, eating disorders, personality disorders, bipolar)

1) Know that Mental illness is not always necessarily triggered by any negative event/ experience:

There are instances when people just feel miserable without any reason. They lead a perfect life but continue to feel negative. Only if the people around them observe and take cues; we can save a person from falling into a trap.

And yes, in majority of the cases, a traumatic event could affect the mental health of a person adversely. This is why a human being should take care of another human being.

Kindness & empathy can save a life.

2) Give yourself some space & accept yourself completely:

Everybody requires a personal space and it cannot be invaded at any cost.

Give people space and let them breathe freely. Things take time. Be patient.

Also, giving space doesn’t mean leaving them alone completely! Keep a check and take care.

3) Know ‘what NOT to say’.

I won’t ask you to keep saying affirmations, in case you cannot say positive stuff to yourself, do not say negative either!

In fact, to people who don’t know what the opposite person is going through, should stop asking questions which are triggering. Ask them ‘What has happened’ instead of ‘What is wrong with you?’ The way you converse matters a lot. And being mindful of the things you say, makes a difference.

Know ‘what NOT to say’.

Picture Source: Breaking Taboo

4) Understand the emotional and body signs:

The early signs may include irritation, aggression, going silent, etc., which are emotional signs that may further lead to bodily signs like back aches, body pain, etc. Your body will never lie, so take the pain seriously. An early diagnosis of the illness can really help know many things and save lives.

5) Talk to someone whom you are comfortable with & ask for help:

The day we stop judging someone is the day we qualify to be a human. People do not talk fearing they would be judged! There are a handful of people in an individual’s life whom they can share things with. My friend, unless you don’t communicate, no one would know. Talk it out, fearlessly.

6) Seek Professional Therapy:

And when you really think that talking to someone you know, is not helping, do not shy away from seeking professional help. There are a lot of affordable psychiatrists and psychologists available locally.

(Psychiatrist prescribe medicines while psychologists don’t)

Picture Source: Psych_today Instagram

7) Try maintaining a thought-journal and write, draw, scribble, doddle everything you feel:

A thought journal has really helped a lot of people overcome various issues. There are so many things you can do! For instance you can daily write: 5 good things people told about you, 3 things you are grateful for in life, describe what is happening to you and what you think is the possible solution.

When you cannot write, scribble a lot and vent out your feelings there.

8) Try Art Therapy at home:

Adult colouring books, music therapy, craft sessions are some of the art therapies that can unleash the concealed emotions. There are many sessions available free online. Such therapies are enjoyable and can help in relieving stress and reduce anxiety.

9) Use Social media for the good and research on the problem:

Do some research online and make the maximum out of the resources available. There are pages on Instagram, YouTube videos, blogs, etc that you can follow that could help you and your loved ones. Read about it, understand, and connect with people who are experts in the field.

10) Keep a check on the food you consume & hours you sleep:

The food you consume affect your thoughts. Healthy food habits are good for mind, body and soul. Avoid eating junk food, fried food, too much sugar. Switch to greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts that are high on nutrient contents.

Also, proper amount of sleep is an inevitable ingredient for a healthy mind.

Avoid over eating, over sleeping, under eating, under sleeping!

11) Try seven cups of tea as a Volunteer or seek help by remaining an Anonymous:

https://www.7cups.com/ is a website that provides an online therapy to people experiencing emotional distress, for free.

You can connect to volunteer or to seek help. Either of them can be done by interacting via chats, that are confidential. You can choose to remain anonymous here, always!

Please share this article with people as much as you can.

Now that COVID-19 is still around, taking care of our/ others mental health is of the utmost importance and the need of the hour.

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people. God bless us all.

R.I.P Sushant. You will always be remembered for the good.

(The article is contributed by Ms. Meghna Pithadia, you can read her blogs on www.thenewpastels.com)

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