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May 18, 2020

Paid TDS in wrong Section or Head? Online Step wise process to Correct TDS Challan

by Mahesh Mara in Compliance Law

Paid TDS in wrong Section or Head? Online Step wise process to Correct TDS Challan

Under Tax Deducted at Source system the Tax is deducted at the time of payment to the party. The person making the payment is responsible for deducting the TDS and depositing the TDS in government treasury on or before the due date specified. The below is the due date for payment of TDS to the government account:

Due dates for TDS payment for FY 2020-21 AY 2021-22

MonthDue date for Government deductorsDue date for other deductors (Company, Individual, HUF etc.)
April7th May 20207th May 2020
May7th June 20207th June 2020
June7th July 20207th July 2020
July7th August 20207th August 2020
August7th September 20207th September 2020
September7th October 20207th October 2020
October7th November 20207th November 2020
November7th December 20207th December 2020
December7th January 20217th January 2021
January7th February 20217th February 2021
February7th March 20217th March 2021
March7th April 202130th April 2021

Also, for late payment Interest at the rate of 1.5 % per month or part of the month on amount of TDS from the date of tax was deducted till the date such tax is paid shall be charged from the deductor. Sometimes the deductor at the time of making TDS payment make some errors like selection of wrong payment section, wrong major head or Minor head or made payment for the wrong financial year. In this article we will be learn how to make correction in TDS challan online on TRACES website.

Request for online challan correction can be made within 15 days from the date of deposit of TDS amount.

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Procedure for challan correction online:

The following is the procedure for challan correction online:

Step 1: Go to https://www.tdscpc.gov.in/app/login.xhtml

Enter login ID, password and TAN no

Now, Click on Login button

Step 2: Challan Correction menu

After login to traces, go to “Statements/ Payments” tab and “Select “Request for OLTAS Challan Correction”

It will redirect you to OLTAS Challan Correction Menu. Now click on proceed button.

Step 3: Filing of Online Challan Correction

  1. In first slide you will get message that Deductor will only be able to correct Financial Year, Major Head, Minor Head & Section code, TAN/PAN correction will be enabled soon. Click on “Proceed” button
  2. Now enter the details of Challan for which correction is to be made the details include:
    • BSR code of challan
    • Date of deposit of challan amount
    • Challan serial number
    • Challan Amount

3. Enter the details and click on “Go” buttonYou will be able to view the challan, now make the required correction like:

  • Financial Year
  • Section Code
  • Major head
  • Minor head

Only make the required correction in case wrong section is selected then you need to correct the section only and no other information in the challan.

After the required details is made click on “Submit” button. One the submission button is clicked your challan request is submitted with traces. You can track your OLTAS challan correction request under Statement/Payments tab.

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