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May 8, 2023

30k+ I-T pleas for tolerating “delayed returns” are still waiting

30k+ I-T pleas for tolerating “delayed returns” are still waiting

Over 30,000 returns involving the condonation of delay are being held by income tax authorities across the nation, making life difficult for a number of filers

People with vehicle insurance awards and even those who have filed their returns to access loans are impacted by the tax officials’ inaction. Even while the platforms make their payments after deducting tax, many individuals, such as those driving cabs or other gig economy workers, frequently are not aware of the importance of completing returns on time

Section 119(2) of the income tax legislation permits the condonation of delay. CBDT issued directions in January 2020 authorising commissioners to admit petitions for returns to be delayed for the 2017–18 fiscal year by up to 365 days, and they will decide the matter on their own merits. For FY2017–18 and future years, it permitted petitions for delays of up to three years, subject to approval by senior officials, such as chief commissioners or principal chief commissioners

However, it appears that a few high officials are delaying the application decision by neither accepting nor rejecting them, which is causing a backlog of cases

Given that it has caused worry in other parts of the government, the subject was recently discussed in a meeting with CBDT members and cha-irman. However, the case seems to have made little progress thus far. Before making a choice, each circumstance needs to be carefully considered. One senior officer said, “One size does not fit all

Another viewpoint within the government is to group similar cases together in a bracket to speed up disposals. Many in the government argue that delaying applications, some of which stretch back several financial years, just defeats the purpose of the legal provision, especially since the CBDT had specifically requested that it be used to provide relief to a number of taxpayers

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