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April 25, 2023

Guidelines for Uploading Attachments: Best Practises

Guidelines for Uploading Attachments: Best Practises

Optimal Techniques for Attachment Scanning and Uploading

Please take note that the following best practises need to be followed anytime any document is posted to the e-Filing website in support of any service request.

Scan settings

✓ Scan to a PDF.

✓ Scan at 300dpi.

✓ Scan in Black and White only.

✓ Do not upload files with Read/Write/Password protection.

Scanning Source Documents

✓ Scan the original tax document to avoid scanning copies and faxes.

✓ Scan the document in A4 or Letter size only.

✓ Scan multi-page documents together, in logical order.

✓ Do not leave the tray cover open when scanning single pages on a flatbed scanner.

Key points to avoid poor quality

✓ Documents with faint or faded text.

✓ Handwritten documents that contain important identifying information such as Pan etc. making it difficult to read.

✓ Documents with ink bleeding or smudging.

✓ Clipped or cut forms that exclude important identifying information.


The department suggests setting file size restrictions for uploaded papers. Following the aforementioned advice is thus highly advised.

Source :@Incometaxindia

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