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March 20, 2023

Aadhar card will now expire with the cardholder

Aadhar card will now expire with the cardholder

UIDAI and the Register General of India have begun to brainstorm and work towards building a new mechanism wherein the Aadhar card ill be deactivated once a death certificate has been issued for the person. Once a death certificate has been issued, the agency concerned will rally a message to the dead person’s family, so that the family can give consent for the Aadhar number to be de-activated.

The move will have to be implemented along with the state governments for which discussions are underway, they added. This will require the family member to share the Aadhar number when the death certificate is issued.

The step comes after UIDAI had implemented a scheme for allotting Aadhar while issuing birth certificate. So far over 20 states have implemented the system, with other expected the system, with others expected to follow suit. The facilities are part of Aadhar 2.0 exercise under which government is seeking to rollout new features, while improving credibility.

Having registered over 135 crore across the country, UIDAI has launched an updation exercise, where people who were issued cards over 10 years are being nudged to update their records.

This move would be motivated by the urge of the Indian Government to reduce the crimes of identity thefts and fake identities. Also, this would prevent the friends and family of the deceased to take advantage of their death and take out loans and use other banking services in the name of the deceased.

All in all, this move may prove to be extremely beneficial for the common man, however, it will take a very long time to finish this tedious task.

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