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December 29, 2022

MCA releases solutions to 50 Technical Portal issues

by Admin in MCA Circular

MCA releases solutions to 50 Technical Portal issues

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has launched V3 portal for ROC filing. That portal is having many technical glitches and Twitter is filled with complaint of Professional regarding the same.

To solve this, MCA has released solutions to 50 Technical Portal issues

 1:  Not able to upload Form CHG-9 since many days.

Please convert to PDF using Microsoft print to PDF facility. Save on your desktop with a simple name, check the file size to be below 2 MB and upload. The issue will be resolved.

 2: Charge certificates are not generated.

You may navigate to My Application and download the Charge Certificate against the SRN generated. If you face any issue, please create a Ticket providing details of the Charge form and share with us.

3: DSC are not getting associated with the portal, most of AOC-4 pending due to this and attract late fees.

Please check if the said DSCs have been correctly registered on V2 portal. If you still face any issue, please share your concern with details of Ticket number created on MCA portal with complete details.

 4: Unable make payments. Id has been degraded.

You may upgrade the profile of your account to that of Business User. If you face any issue, you may create a Ticket on the portal with account details and share with u

 5: Need to file form 15 for LLP in new V3 portal. The form is filled saved and submitted also. SRN is also generated but the form is not available for download. I cannot affix digital signature and could not upload the form.

You may enable pop-up settings and edit the SRN to download the form. The issue will be resolved.

 6: I am not able to login my with my V3 Login credentials.

Please reset your V3 password if you have created an account on V3.

Problem 7: I incorporated a new LLP on 16/11/2022, but I am unable to open a bank account because the authorised person at the bank not able to fetch the LLP Master Data by Name.

You may also search for LLP Master Data using the LLPIN details

 I have applied for reservation of name for LLPs and got resubmission for both the SRNs. But no reason for resubmission has been given. Pls help me to get reason so that I will correct it.

Proposed name includes word KK, which has TM and undesirable. Furnish NOC, as applicable, to be provided along with self-attested copy of PAN (bearing signature) of the TM holder/applicant/authorised signatory, along with BR (if, body corporate).

The Proposed name nearly/exactly/phonetically resembles the existing/Reserved company/LLP. Hence, it is not considered as per the provisions of Section 15(2)(b) of LLP Act, 2008.

What to do in this case not able to file a single LLP-8. The message appears is as under:

There is validation error.

You can proceed with this alert. This will not stop you from proceeding further.

Not able to link NEFT payment to IEPF-1 challan,

Please login to your account, navigate to NEFT Payment Service, mention UTR and SRN number to link the payment.

My account is getting automatically logged out while attaching any document in spice form and not letting me login since last 45 minutes

What to do.

The issue occurs due to multiple login sessions created. Please clear cookies, Cache and History in the browsers. You should be able to login after waiting for 15 minutes.

We had filled director KYC and it got pending for processing from MCA and now it show cancelled then what is fault of directors if MCA take too much time to process? kindly see this matter and remove additional charges

The Zero Fee payment process was not completed for both the SRNs and therefore, the SRNs are cancelled and DINs are De-activated.

Unable to view company data.

Please check the SRN if the same is not expired. Else, it may be an intermittent connectivity issue.

Firstly, we are unable to upload form 24, Now this Error “The required DSCs are not affixed.”

Please enable pop-up settings in your browser, edit the SRN to download the form and attach DSCs. The issue will be resolved.

Trying to upload just one form since 3 hrs, it throws unimaginable errors.

You may retry by attaching DSC again on the form and upload. The issue should be resolved.

Trying to submit LLP 24 form but getting the error which is attached below.

We have observed multiple Form 24 draft forms created for the referenced LLPIN. The forms will expire in 15 days from last modification date.

Error while trying to file CG-1 for Condonation of delay for MGT-14. The form version that you are using is not latest. Please download fresh. Tried with different systems in different dates but error is there.

You may refer to the link in the Help Kit to get the latest version of the form and the issue will be resolved.

Login Issue

Please enter your user ID on V3 portal, Chose Forgot User ID and you may chose to proceed forward using PAN and Hint Answer. You will receive OTP and will be able to access V3 portal. We could not observe any issue with this.

We have to file MGT-7, but system says MGT-7A?

Please check if AOC- 4 for FY 2021-22 has been filed with increased turnover. You will be able to file MGT- 7 form accordingly.

Trying to upload spice+ for incorporation but facing an error from past 2 days. The PAN details are validated in the part B of the form. Today is the last date to upload the form and MCA is not responding. Hope we get an immediate solution to this.

Please check the Active status for the referenced PAN.

I’m trying to submit spice part B for co. Inc but not able to do pre- scrutiny.

Please save the file on your D drive without special characters in the file names attached. Please save after Pre-scrutiny and wait for a while before closing the document. The issue will be resolved.

Trying to make payment of DIR-3 KYC payment since last 30 days.

All payment attempts have failed. Please try with alternate payment mode. There are no issues with payments for Directors KYC.

Form LLP-3 filed in version 3 which was sent for resubmission but due to version 3 issues it always took me to the home page.

You may reset the password of your account and the issue will be resolved.

Unable to file MGT-7 company is not small company.

As per FY 2020-21 records, this is a small company. AOC4 for FY 2021-22 has not been filed and we do not have records to indicate that it is a large company. Please do so to file MGT-7 form.

Message appears – “DSC registered on MCA portal against 07000150 is different. Affix same DSC”

Please update the new DSC on the portal, if you are using a different DSC, as evidenced in the alert.

I am unable to raise any ticket, getting error message. Please help, having issue with Spice+ Part B pre-scrutiny.

There is no issue with creating a complaint on the portal. Please ensure that Cache memory is cleared on your computer and all mandatory information is submitted.

I am trying to incorporate New LLP. Srn is generated, but i am not able to download the Fillip and form 9. Please help.

Please avoid Special Characters in File names. Please enable pop-up settings and edit the SRN to download the form. The issue will be resolved.

We have been trying to file form CG-1 for Condonation. At the time of pre-scrutiny the prompt shows error as ‘please download updated version’. We have downloaded the latest version from the MCA website, which shows Please advise.

You may download the correct version of form from the link provided in the Help Kit.

How can we upgrade the MCA id like we already had made id v2 portal. Now someone in staff also wants to login the v3 portal. Now I want to upgrade from registered user to business user. It’s showing you already have an account with membership no and PAN.

There can be only one PAN/ Membership Number as Business User. There is another option to register as Professional Staff Member.

I am not able to login into V3 Filing portal. Its accepting my login credentials but its taking me back to Front page only not able to file my LLP forms.

Please reset your password and the issue will be resolved.

RUN LLP Resubmission issue

As per the MOA/ objects mentioned in the web form, Main Objects/ business activity of the company has changed. Please amend MOA of the company. Provide the altered MOA along with proof of filling of altered MOA with ROC and KYC (Self Attested) Signatory.

Not able to submit LLP form 3. Kindly help. Tried from all browsers.

Please clear cookies, Cache and History in the browsers. Please start with a fresh form and the issue will be resolved.

Following for activation of DINs since many days. Was informed all DINs will be activated soon as it got deactivated due to glitch in portal. Till date only 3 got approved. Raised many tickets.

We did not find activity of Zero Fee payment process completed for SRN AA0055682 and therefore, the SRN is cancelled. Please file eKYC form for the referenced DIN.

Still not able to login to V3 portal. Error shows username and password do not match! It’s been the same case since 3 months. Not even with v2 registered email id!

We observe that the account has been locked again on 24th Nov. Please reset your password using your V2 User ID on V3 portal and the issue will be resolved.

Unable to login due to the same issue.

The issue occurs due to multiple login sessions created. Please clear cookies, Cache and History in the browsers. You should be able to login after waiting for 15 minutes.

“View Public documents” of MCA- 21 website is not working. Only a message is displayed saying the “requests are disabled today”.

Please check the VPD schedule for availability and then make the payment.

Not able to upload the Form CHG- 9 please provide an earlier solution for the said ticket.

Please convert to PDF using Convert using Microsoft Print to PDF facility. Save on your Desktop with a simple name, check the file size to be below 2 MB and Upload. The issue will be resolved.

I have filed DIR-3 KYC web and it got cancelled and now MCA demands ₹6000/- penalty.

If you are facing any issue, please share with us the SRN details. Please check if Zero Fee payment process was completed while filing.

While uploading form CHG-1 in v3 portal DSC verification error showing.

Please double click on the DSC affixed in the downloaded form and check if the DSC is associated correctly and appearing valid. If not, the DSC needs to be correctly associated.

DIR3 KYC filing issue

Please check the Country and the Mobile Number provided in the form. We observed a mismatch.

Tried filing DIR-3 KYC e-form it showed message as “DIR 3KYC already filed against SRN ” on 14/10/2022 and now the DIN status is “De-activated due to non filing”. The Status of the SRN is showing as “Cancelled”.

We have observed that the Zero Fee Payment process was not completed for the SRN and therefore this has been cancelled.

Request to cancel SRN as the form contains wrong information.

The form against the SRN is currently in Pending for DSC Upload and Payment status. You may edit the form to enter corrections and there is no need to cancel this.

In e-form 8, Net Turnover cell under Statement of I & E is auto calculated properly, however error message comes as “Please enter a valid amount” and not allowing to proceed further.

The Net Turnover Details is value of Gross Turnover, Less: Excise duty or Service tax = Total Income. Please check the values to enter correct details.

In this case, we can suggest to edit the document and fill up Main and Ancilliary objects without copy – pasting. If the issue still persists, please let us know.

I have filed form FILLIP and form 9 for LLP incorporation. Only one SRN is generated for the same. System has approved FILLIP but raised issue on Form 9. Now I am not able to see where I can see form 9 for resubmission purpose.

You may download the FILLIP form and Form 9 will be included in the form.

Still not able to log in MCA portal. user id already logged in from other machine/browser. Please signout from other session/browser.

The issue occurs due to multiple login sessions created. Please clear cookies, Cache and History in the browsers. You should be able to login after waiting for 15 minutes of no activity.

I am unable to log in and file a complaint on the portal MCA past 24 hrs

Please refer to the FAQs and create an account. You do not need to login to file a complaint.

While submitting Form 4 error is shown as there is a pending Form-4. As the earlier process of form-4 was canceled, still getting an error. Unable to submit form-4. Also tried various browsers for this task.

You have created multiple drafts of the forms. We have observed 4 forms in Draft/ Pending for DSC and Payment status.

I am unable to download Form 3 and 4, a blank window is shown after clicking on download.

Please enable pop-up settings in your browser and edit the form. Please ensure that all fields are filled up without using special characters. Your issue will be resolved.

I am facing Spice subscribers popup window hanging issue, not able to fill further details.

(History, cookies cleared, tried in multiple browsers same struck after 2-3 subscribers details)

We have observed that you have not entered into the mandatory field “Whether Resident in India”.

I have applied for RUN LLP form, but the application was required to resubmit. while checking remarks there were no reasons found for the resubmission or rejection. Kindly help me with this. What is the reason for the resubmission.

The Name of the proposed LLP includes word ‘HOLDINGS’, which indicates financial activity and the same is not allowed in case of LLP. Kindly Remove the same.

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