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October 29, 2022

Why MCA portal down trending ? Check this trend and the tweets

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Corporate Law

Why MCA portal down trending ? Check this trend and the tweets

The due date of Form AOC 4, AOC 4 (XBRL) for companies and Form 8 for LLP is 30th October 2022. But the website of not working properly since the past few days, many professionals are complaining on the micro blogging website twitter regarding the various issues faced some of the issues faces are as below:

1. The user is getting error while making payment for AOC 4 and the issue is not resolved even after trying from different login id or even after trying several times

2. Many professionals are not able to Login on the V3 or V2 portal as the website is not allowing them to login in to their profile to file the return:

3. The professionals are complaining that the Forms are also not getting prefilled and even after two days the errors has not been resolved:

4. The professionals are not able to lodged a ticket or compliant on the website as the grievance page is also down since Friday i.e. 28th October 2022

The professionals are not able to upload the website as the server is down since long time. Below a user is complaining as how he not able to file Form 8 since last week as the same error is coming each time filing the form and no response is coming from the MCA handle or MCA helpdesk as nobody is answering the LLP queries and the grievance page is broken due to which he is not able to raise any query

The users are tagging the MCA twitter handle and raising the above queries but the handle instead of resolution gives auto which is not related to the issue faced by the user below are some replies given by the handle to the user:

Even after so much issue faced by the professionals the MCA has not yet notified the due date extension circular. The ICSI has submitted representation twice to the MCA for extension of due dates the copy of letter is as below:

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