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April 6, 2022

Request to grant sanction to file complaint before Professional Institutes against professionals i.e CA and CS

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in ICAI

Request to grant sanction to file complaint before Professional Institutes against professionals i.e CA and CS




This is in reference to your letter dated 18.02.2022 stating that as per SOP dated 10.12.2021, Professional institutes against professionals i.e. Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries are required to be filed providing the names of the following professionals indulged in professional misconduct and have not discharged their responsibilities as per law. In this context, you are hereby authorised to file complaint against following professionals before the concerned institutes and submit the AIR at the earliest:

S.no.Company nameCIN        Name of Professional CA/CS
1CCTEB INDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDU45400HR2017F1C069094               CS, Gunjan Kumar Singh, M.no
2HAICHENG (INDIA) ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITEDU31909DL2018PTC339409               CS, Gunjan Kumar Singh, M.no
3MEDI SILK PRIVATE LIMITEDU74999D12017PTC316964               CS, Manish Kumar Agarwal, M
4STARTLING GMP CLEAN ROOM PRIVATE LIMITEDU45500HR2017FTC067222               CA, Sandeep Kumar, M.No. 5260
5ACEMONEY(INDIA) LIMITEDU65999DL2016PLC301942                 CS Anju Arora, M.No. 39902 CA Rohit SInghal, M.No. 516295,
6ADBOK TECHNOLOGY                INDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDU72900HR2020PTC089078CS Amit Kumar, M.No. 41000
7CASH     BULL                FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE UMITEDU65990HR2019PTC083706  CA Devi Prasad CA Devi Prasad CS Sonall Gupta, M.No. 36266Chaurasla, M.No. 096331 Chaurasla, M.No. 096331  
8DIGIPEERGO      TECH                PRIVATE LIMITEDU72900HR2019PTC083933               CA Sambhav Mehta, M.No. 238733
9DORMOUCE                SERVICES                PRIVATE LIMITEDU74999HR2020PTC089572               CA Kashish Khunger, M.No. 540364
10EMPIRE CORNERSTONE FINANCE 10 PRIVATE LIMITEDU65999HR202OPTC087204  CA Shikha Saint, M.no. 546858 U65999HR202OPTC087204 CA Aishwarya Chandra, M.no. 451264

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