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March 4, 2022

Maharashtra government decides to relax Covid restrictions from March 4

by Admin in Compliance Law

Maharashtra government decides to relax Covid restrictions from March 4

Department of Revenue and Forest,

Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation,

Mantralaya, Mumbai- 400 032

No: DMU/2020/CR. 92/DisM-1,

Date: 1st March, 2022

Various restrictions have been imposed in the State currently in order to curb the transmission of the COVID 19 virus. Now, based on the inputs of the Health department as well as the COVID Task force along with due consideration to the current COVID scenario in the State, the State Executive Committee (SEC) has decided to modify these.

State Executive Committee has decided to differentiate in response to the Covid 19 situation through restrictions or relaxations thereof, between various administrative areas depending upon the current risk profile of the area, appreciation of which should depend upon vaccination status, positivity rate of tests as well as occupancy of beds by patients.

Thereby, as decided & directed by the State Executive Committee in the meeting held on 25th February, 2022, the undersigned, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the State Executive Committee, hereby promulgates the following directions, that will come into force from, 4rd March, 2022 from 0000 hrs across the State and will remain in force till the issue of any new order. This order is in super-cession of all the earlier orders issued for imposing/ relaxing of restrictions. The definition of status of fully vaccinated for an individual as well as general orders about Covid Appropriate Behaviour continue to apply and are reproduced in the end for ready reference. It is also declared that in case there is any activity that is not covered by this order, all GOI guidelines for that activity shall be applicable, and that in case of an activity finding mention in both, stricter of the two shall apply.

A. Administrative Units

1. Municipal Corporations shall be dealt as separate Administrative Units and rest of the districts shall be dealt as single separate Administrative Units

2. An Administrative Unit fulfilling all the following criteria shall be included in List

a. First dose vaccination is more than 90%.

b. Second dose vaccination is more than 70%.

B. Status of these parameters is dynamic and thus District Disaster Management Authority shall declare periodically the status of these parameters for all Administrative Units under it, for information to public and in case current status of parameters demand inclusion or exclusion from list A, DDMA shall declare so, under intimation to SDMA. Restrictions for controlling the spread of Covid 19 virus shall change as soon as an exclusion or inclusion occurs, in sync with the provisions herein.

C. Requirement of being fully vaccinated

i. All staff of all the establishments that cater to public at large shall necessarily be fully vaccinated.

ii. All home delivery staff shall necessarily be fully vaccinated.

iii. All users of any public transport must be fully vaccinated.

iv. All visitors to malls, theatres, natyagrihas, tourist places, restaurants, sporting events, religious places where general public also visits must be fully vaccinated.

v. DDMAs may enforce requirement of fully vaccinated on any public service wherein there is a possibility of interaction with other citizens and wherein such interaction may cause spread of Covid 19 and wherein Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) may not be effectively implementable.

vi. All staff working in any office or establishment, public or private that has a dealing with general public must be fully vaccinated.

vii. All staff engaged in any industrial activities must be fully vaccinated.

D. Social/ Sports/ Entertainment/ Academic/ Cultural/ Religious/Political/ Festival Related events, including those relating to Marriages and Funerals and other gatherings and congregations are permitted in Administrative Units included in List A to the extent of 50% of capacity of the venue; however, whenever a gathering is expected to be of more than 1000 persons, DDMA shall be informed and DDMA may put reasonable restrictions on the same.

For the Administrative Units not finding mention in list A, total attendance in any of such gathering or congregations shall be limited to 50% of the capacity of the venue or 200 whichever is lower. E. Offline classes may resume in all academic institutions, subject to any orders of concerned administrative department of Government of Maharashtra. Administrations of all academic institutions are encouraged to leverage hybrid model of imparting education though online and offline modes. All pre-schools as well as Aanganwadis can now be restarted physically as well. All these institutions, establishments shall scrupulously follow CAB.

F. All home delivery services are allowed for all Administrative Units.

G. All shopping complexes, cinema halls, restaurants & bars, sports complexes, gyms, spas, swimming pools, religious places, natyagrihas, tourist places, entertainment parks etc. are allowed to operate with 100% capacity in Administrative Units included in List

A. For other Administrative Units that are excluded from List A, these shall operate at 50% of the capacity.

H. There shall be no restrictions for inter-state and intra-state movement for fully vaccinated For persons who are not fully vaccinated, inter-state movement is subject to production of negative RT-PCR test valid for 72 hours. There shall be no need for any NOC for such travel, not required otherwise than for purposes of DMA. I. All offices, including government and private, may function with full capacity.

J. All industrial and scientific institutions may function with full capacity.

K. Any activity not included in here, are allowed to the extent of 100% capacity in the administrative areas falling in List A and 50% for the remaining areas. In case of any issues of interpretation, DDMA shall provide the final interpretation.

L. DDMAs to be authorised to impose restrictions stricter than provided her; with prior consent of SDMA. It is expected that DDMAs shall meet frequently, as and when required but at least once a week to take the stock of the situation and to react to any trend.

M. Districts are instructed to press for 100% vaccine coverage of all eligible beneficiaries in an accelerated manner. Door-to-Door vaccination drives must be undertaken in Administrative Units not covered in List A. Though currently vaccination status of less than 18 years of age citizens is not included in the list of criteria mentioned in Para B, with passing time, it may be included. Precautionary dose and adolescent dose to be taken up for eligible people.

DDMA to also ensure that all staff in schools including teachers and non-teaching staff are GOI guidelines and advisories for vaccination must be adhered to scrupulously. N. Public Health department should provide all information regarding current Covid situation, testing infrastructure etc to the community at large for avoiding any misinformation and Community involvement to be encouraged by the districts and strict enforcement of norms to be ensured for CAB. Evidence based information to be made available to the community regularly.

O. It may be noted finally that situation of Covid 19 is ever evolving as thus all DDMA and SDMA officials must be alert and informed of daily situation. These orders shall remain in operation till modified due to any emergent situation.

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