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February 23, 2022

Request to extend due date for submission of FORM GSTR-9, 9A & 9C

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in GST

Request to extend due date for submission of FORM GSTR-9, 9A & 9C

Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.)

Hon’ble Nirmala Sitharaman Jee,

Finance Minister of India,

Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India,

North Block, New Delhi-110001

Subject: Humble request to extend “due date” for submission of FORM GSTR-9, 9A and 9C under GST for the year 2020-21.

Hon’ble Madam,

It is respectfully submitted as under:

1. Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.), is one of the oldest and largest Association of Tax Professionals in the country. The Bar Association and its members consider themselves as part and parcel of Tax Administration to ensure that the Government…. gets the taxes which are just and due to the State and so vital for the welfare activities of the citizens.

2. On the stated subject, we respectfully bring to your kind attention as under:

(i) That the due date for submission of Annual Return in Form GSTR-9, 9A and Reconciliation Statement in Form GSTR-9C (self-certified) reconciling the Annual Turnover with audited financial statement is 28th day of February, 2022 for the period from 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021.

(ii) That due date for submission of Tax Audit Report, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account under Income Tax Act, 1961 for A.Y. 2021-22 was 15th February, 2022. The Audit work includes verification of Turnover and ITC on purchases and expenses as well.

3. That Audit Reports under the provisions of Income Tax Act, Companies Act and all other reports of the assessees/tax Payer have been finalized only on 15.02.2022.

4. That now adverting to finalization of Forms 9, 9A & 9C under the Goods and Services Tax Acts which not only requires reconciliations in the accounts of the Tax Payer but it also requires reconciliations with the accounts of the suppliers and recipients. The time of 13 days available, that too, if we do not consider the intervening holidays is too short to do the needful, by 28th Feb., 2022.

We, therefore, sincerely pray that due date for submission of GSTR-9, 9A and 9C be extended atleast upto 31st March, 2022 so that reconciliation work with Audited Financial Statements can be completed by the taxpayers after completion of their Tax Audit Work I Co. Audit Work.

With Highest regards

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