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February 10, 2022

Did Not Clear your CA Final Exams? Whats Next?

by facelesscompliance in Special Invitation Author

Did Not Clear your CA Final Exams? Whats Next?

Today on 10 February, ICAI has announced CA results for final CA students, few cleared in first attempt and few cleared in second or third attempt, but majority students did not clear the exams and for them what next remains the biggest question.

Passing any professional exams requires a lot of efforts, CA Students are well aware about this before starting their journey to make CA as career. But then too only few of them clear the exams. Why? The answer to the question is very subjective and it depends upon many small factors and few life style changes one needs to incorporate. As a students let us introspect on following points to come to conclusion

1. Garbage In Garbage Out

In computer science, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is the concept that flawed, or nonsense (garbage) input data produces nonsense output. Once a student is not able to clear in two attempts he needs to completely introspect, is he studying in same manner as did for last attempt? If answer is Yes then how can student expect different result than last attempt?

The movie like chakde india shows that if you want to fulfill your dream (CA), you need to come out of the comfort zone and give 200%, then the probability of winning (passing) is much higher. If you learn same books, same number of hours, same manner as last attempt, the result will also be same.

2 Why you have chosen to become CA ?

It would be surprising to know that more than 70% of students in commerce filed has decided to go for CA course because their friends are doing or any of their family member has suggested or because their parents have told them to do so. In most of the above cases, students choice or love for the subject has not been considered. Many students do not like subjects like Audit or Tax and they are pushed to study that. If that is the case then you as a student need to re access and ask question why you are doing CA?

If you really love commerce field and you want to pursue excellence in Tax or Audit then this is the right choice.

3 Focus

80% of students who failed are not focused. Focus simply means your 80% of time in a day should go in studying without any disturbance. Many students who are doing job get less leaves, few who are dating has to devote much time in their relationship and few are just doing time pass in social media. If above is the case then you are surely going to lose focus and the end result will be fail. Be Focus on only one thing at a time. Take break of 6 months from job, relationship and social media

4 Dummy Articleship

There is Myth amongst students that if we do dummy training then we can invest time in studies and get cleared. However it is not true. During internship you learn a lot, be it in taxation or audit or else which helps you to comprehend answers in the examinations. Any professional exam will test your real life working knowledge and not just bookish knowledge. it is always better to complete your training fully as per rules and then go for exams. Experience gained during interns will help a lot in clearing final exams.

5 Next LLB or CS or MBA?

Once you decide to quit CA, many try to do CS, LLB or MBA in Finance. Its like second best option available and there is nothing wrong about it. However students needs to explore other areas of their interest, in this digital world you can learn anything online and become master in any field of your interest. You need to self introspect and take help from parents and close friends who are well wishers and know you better.

6 Millions of opportunities

In this 21st century, you have millions of opportunities as digitization has made the world very close. Whatever field you chose give your 200% dedication and you will emerge out of it. Never give up. Passing or failure in Exam is not equal to passing or failing in life. Exam is just one of the chapter in your life. There was a CA students who did not clear CA because he did not like theory subjects like audit and law. He scored almost 90% in Tax and learned lot of tax compliance during his interns. Post intern when he did not clear exams his principal offered him same package as he offered to newly qualified CA. Moral of the story, your knowledge and how effectively you apply your knowledge counts not the degree ! Currently after 10 years of experience he is VP in MNC and has many CA working under him 🙂

Do not judge yourself based on your exam performance, you might be skillful or smart in some other areas. Just introspect and your will realise, then focus and give your best. I am sure outcome will also be best

The Author is a CA and you can reach him at Twitter on

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