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January 15, 2022

Govt Clarify whether currency notes carry corona virus or not: CAIT

by Admin in Corporate Law

Govt Clarify whether currency notes carry corona virus or not: CAIT

Dear Shri Mansukh Bhai Ji,

Subject : Corona Virus : Currency Notes may carry infection

We invoke your urgent attention towards our earlier communications sent to your learned predecessor and ICMR beginning from 6th September, 2020 requesting for a clarification on whether currency notes are carrier of virus or not. This clarification assumes much significance in the wake of current scenario of Corona pandemic. We deeply regret that even after passing of 15 months neither Ministry under your command and ICMR have not given any clarification. We wish to obtain this clarification because large number of traders & consumers across Country are dealing in currency notes and if these are prove to be carrier of virus, then we should be able to remain cautious while handling of currency notes.

We would like you to clarify whether currency notes are a potential carrier for viruses including Covid or Various credible studies have revealed that currency notes carry major risk of containing various virus which may lead to number of infectious diseases. In the wake of current Corona virus and for other precautionary reasons, we request you for an early clarification from the Govt.

It is in the public domain that the currency notes are most vulnerable to health of people and are easy carrier of communicable diseases and as such a proper investigation is all the more needed and the Government should bring out a comprehensive policy to promote alternative mode of payments including digital payments coupled with incentives and benefits to encourage more and more people for adoption and acceptance of alternate mode of payments in the larger interest of health of the Countrymen.

We would further like to add that corona virus is an infectious disease which may spread by close contact of any person infected with such virus. Even if due precautions are taken, yet avoidance of cash usage can not be avoided and as such it becomes one of the most easy carrier for spreading any virus. Therefore, immediate steps should be taken to check spreading of any virus through currency notes.

It’s a fact that currency notes carry micro-organisms that can cause diseases and infections. Experts have warned that several diseases, including urinary and respiratory tract infections, skin infections and recurrent meningitis, are being transmitted through currency notes. They can also contribute to causing septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome

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