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May 31, 2021

Maharashtra govt ext lockdown till 15 June, provide some relaxation

by CA Shivam Jaiswal in Compliance Law, Corporate Law, Income Tax

Maharashtra govt ext lockdown till 15 June, provide some relaxation

Maharashtra government releases a set of guidelines in the wake of lockdown extension in the state, till June 15

“All essential shops that are currently allowed to operate between 7-11 am may be allowed to operate between 7 am to 2 pm,” states order

  1. All essential shops that are currently allowed to operate between 7 AM and 11 AM may be allowed to operate between 7 AM and 2 PM.
  2. In the case of all non- essential shops (stand-alone shops & not inside shopping centers/ malls), decision regarding the allowing of opening of such shops along with the time limit .r the functioning of the same may be taken by respective Disaster Management authorities. These, if allowed to open, however shall not be opened beyond that allowed for essential shops and shall not be allowed to open on weekends.
  3. Delivery of Non-E1 items along with essential items through Commerce may be allowed in such district.
  4. Post 3 PM there shall be restrictions on movement except for medical and other emergencies, or for home deliveries allowed under the order dated 12. May, 202l.
  5. All Government office, except those involved directly the corona work in the mid districts can function with 25% attendance. Respective DMA may allow more than this percentage of attendance if concerned HOD requests so. In MCGM area, for GOI and GOM establishment, these permissions shall be granted by Chief Secretary of State of Maharashtra.
  6. Agriculture sector related shops may remain open till 2 PM on weekdays. Respective DMA however may extend this timings on weekdays or may allow for some period on weekends, taking into the considerations of the requirements of sowing season and in view of impending monsoon.

In the case of administrative units defined as in ‘A’ above, where the positivity rate is more than 20% or where occupancy of the oxygen beds available therein is more than 75% restrictions imposed vide ‘Break the Chain’ Orders dated 12. May, 2021 shall be augmented with the following:

a. The district borders of such distil. be sealed and no influx or outflow of persons into or from the district may be allowed. Only in the case of death in the family or on medical grounds or for performing duty relating to any emergency and/or essential services related to COVID 19 management, a person may be allowed to enter or leave the district with no other exceptions.

In all other administrative wits as defined in ‘A’ above, t. do not fall under the conditions mentioned in poi. `C’ & ‘D’, all the current restrictions imposed vide Break the Chain Orders dated 12. May, 2021 and clarifications / additions thereof continue as they stand on reference date.

It is re-emphasized that –

  • There are no restrictions for cargo movements and deliveries to shops/ establishments beyond the opening time of these arc allowed for the purposes of replenishments of stock. There shall however be no serving of any customers beyond permitted times over the counter. Anyone breaking these orders shall be closed down till the period notification of Corona Pandemic is in operation in addition to fines mentioned in order dated 12th May, 2021.
  • Home deliveries are allowed during the period permitted by DMA and must be encouraged by considering permitting for longer periods.



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