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April 17, 2021

5 Error and Solution while filing NIL GST CMP-08 via SMS

by Mahesh Mara in GST

5 Error and Solution while filing NIL GST CMP-08 via SMS

Solution for all taxpayers who are facing issues in filing NIL CMP-08 via SMS

Below table focuses on common errors that GST taxpayers may face and their solutions in filing NIL GST CMP-08 via SMS

Sr. No.Error TypeDescriptionSolution
1.Incorrect message formatThis message is received in case the HELP keyword is sent in incorrect formatOnce you receive this message. you need to send an SMS in format: Help Space <Return type> to get help related to filing Nil Form CMP-08
2.Request failed incorrect return typeThis message is received when return type is not as per standard format:
COPa. Incorrect Return type; and
b. Correct GSTIN structure: and
c. Correct Return Period
Once you receive this message you need to send the NIL message again as per below format: Nil space < Return Type> space< GSTIN > space < Return Period>   Send it to 14409 with correct GSTIN Structure, Return Period or Return Type
3.Request failed invalid GSTIN Please retry with valid registered GSTINThis message is received when GSTIN format is incorrect or GSTIN is not registered on the GST PortalOnce you receive this message, you need to send SMS with valid GSTIN which is registered on the GST Portal
4.Request failed. Mobile number not registered for TIAAAAA1111A1ZA. Please retry with registered mobile number or update mobile number on GST PortalThis message is received when Mobile number is not registered for that particular GSTINOnce you receive this message. you need to initiate Nil filing of Form CMP-08 through SMS from the registered mobile number of the persons authorized to file returns for that particular GSTIN   Or, you can update the mobile number of the authorized signatory on the GST Portal, through non-core amendment process or file online
5.Request failed C8 for previous period not filed for 11AAAAA1111A1A Please retry after filing the sameThis message is received when taxpayer has not filed Form CMP-08 for previous tax periodYou need to file previous tax period statement and then file Nil Form CMP-08 through SMS for the return period

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