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December 24, 2020

Why Extend Due Dates Trending on Twitter?

by facelesscompliance in Income Tax

Why Extend Due Dates Trending on Twitter?

The entire human race around the globe is facing the aftermath of spread of pandemic Covid-19. It has thrown open challenge before the humanity to save human lives and to combat it. Besides world over, the Government of India  has taken very drastic steps  in  this direction. In view of the unprecedented situation, the Government has tried to strike balance between saving of human lives and carrying on economic activities.

24 Representation and Open Letter to Ministry of Finance by Professionals and Taxpayers for extension of due date

After all the above representation the Income Tax Department and GST department has not issued notification for extension till 24 December 2020 till 4:20 PM

Following are the few Tweets

Our tweet suggested various stake holder needs extension

Here are some other Tweets

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Hope to see Notification of Extension soon

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