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September 13, 2020

‘My Family, My Responsibility’ campaign to be launched in Mumbai on 15th September to learn to live with Coronavirus

by facelesscompliance in Income Tax

‘My Family, My Responsibility’ campaign to be launched in Mumbai on 15th September to learn to live with Coronavirus

CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray’s address to the state today and said,

“Namaskar. At the outset, I would like to thank all citizens of Maharashtra for showing remarkable restraint in the last few months while celebrating religious and cultural events. My heartfelt thanks to all communities and groups.

Starting September 15, I will be running a campaign in the state. I appeal to everyone who loves this land, considers its own, regardless of the caste, creed, party, and any form of politics, to participate and show their support to this campaign.

The campaign will be called “Majhe Kutumb, Majhi Jababdari” and this is because Maharashtra is my family and it is my responsibility to keep the state safe. Similarly, it is the responsibility of every citizen, to keep their land and people safe.

The campaign may seem difficult, but it is not impossible to achieve. Maharashtra has a population of about 12 crore and it might seem impossible to check everyone. But our team will visit every house in the state, at least twice next month, to keep a check on people’s health.

The Majhe Kutumb, Majhi Jababdari initiative means that healthcare workers will monitor all households in the state but citizens should not get complacent about precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

Many countries have lifted the lockdown and framed stricter laws, by imposing penalties, closure or an inquiry. Does this need to be done by law? Can’t we fulfill our responsibility? We all are aware of the threat Coronavirus poses and we are also aware of the ways to tackle it.

Maintaining high levels of personal and public hygiene, and steps like online shopping and choosing video conferencing for meetings will help us beat the virus more effectively.

I am pleased to announce that over 29.5 lakh farmers have benefited from loan waivers. We are giving free milk powder to over 6.5 lakh malnourished children and 1.25 lakh pregnant women and nursing mothers from the tribal communities.

We’ve resumed the Khawti grant scheme once again for tribal communities. Shiv Bhojan thali was earlier priced at ₹10, but we have now reduced it to ₹5. More than 1.75 crore plates have been distributed and this service will continue to benefit many more.

When the first Coronavirus case was found in the state, we had around 7,700 beds in total. But over the last 4-5 months, we have worked hard and increased the facilities to 3,60,000 beds, adequate supply of oxygen, ICU units, and ventilator beds.

We have been battling crises on all fronts effectively. Relief worth ₹18 crore has reached those affected by by the floods in East Vidarbha. I want to assure we will help everyone affected in this region, just as those in Kolhapur and Sangli were assisted.

The government has not left any stone unturned. Funds worth ₹700 crore were used to help the citizens during the Nisarga Cyclone, and the relief work is ongoing.

We are starting the ‘Vikel Te Pikel’ initiative for farmers to ensure that crops with better market price are grown to benefit them better. Getting farmers organised and ensuring that they receive not just minimum support price, but an ‘assured’ price for their crop is important.

I urge everyone again to cooperate with healthcare workers who visit your household to monitor the spread of the virus. I am sure you will continue to follow government instructions for battling the coronavirus, & that we will emerge victorious soon. Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!”

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We need to learn to live with Coronavirus ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ campaign to be launched in Mumbai on 15th September

All efforts are being made to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. However, until we get complete control over the situation, it is important that we make some changes to our lifestyle. Going beyond the use of masks, maintaining physical distancing, and use of sanitizers, it is now necessary to adopt some changes in our personal, familial and public lives. In accordance, ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ — a campaign aimed at gaining complete control over Coronavirus is being launched in the BMC jurisdiction area on 15th September 2020.

The campaign will be implemented across the state from 15th September 2020, under the guidance of the Chief Minister Shri. Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray. The area under BMC jurisdiction is also a part of this state-wide campaign. The motive of this campaign, which is being implemented with the cooperation of people’s representatives including the citizens of Mumbai and with the participation of NGOs, is to motivate more and more people to adopt a new lifestyle for effective COVID control. Its main objective is to achieve effective healthcare education for the control of COVID, as told by Municipal Commissioner Shri lqbal Singh Chahal.

Under this campaign, volunteers appointed by the Public Health Department of the BMC will reach out to every family in the BMC area and go door-to-door to check temperature and oxygen levels. At the same time, important messages related to healthcare will be given to the citizens and search for suspected patients of COVID-19 and provision of referral services for treatment will be implemented.

The campaign will also provide referral treatment to people with co-morbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, obesity. Volunteers will meet each family twice during the campaign, Municipal Commissioner informed. In order to effectively curtail the spread of coronavirus, it is imperative that all members of the family take necessary care and are vigilant to avoid even inadvertent mistakes.

Citizens will be informed about the important steps that should be taken to achieve positive results against COVID-19. The three-pronged approach to taking preventive precautions in personal, family, and public life is as follows:
1) Maintain safe distance, of at least 2 meters between each other.

2) Use masks regularly and properly.

3) Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizer properly.
All citizens must follow this three-pronged approach.

Individual level:

• Measure body temperature, oxygen level every morning. This is essential for monitoring health.

• Always use a mask. Do not remove it. The mask should not be removed or worn under the nose/face.

• Family members should ensure that each member of the family if taking due care.

• Do not touch your face or mask often.

• After using single-use masks, spray sanitizer and then cut them into pieces before disposing in order to prevent reuse.

• Carry a bottle of sanitizer and use it as and when needed. • Keep your hands clean by washing them frequently with soap.

• Carry a clean handkerchief. If you have cold or cough, use a mask and handkerchief regularly.

• Reusable masks should be washed daily using a sanitizer.

• Family members should use different types of masks or mark their respective masks to avoid confusion. Do not share masks.

• Do not look directly at each other’s faces while talking.

• Include nutritious and vitamin rich food in your diet

• Instead of taking food from the same pot or pan repeatedly while eating, take the required quantity of food at once in a plate.

• Avoid talking while having food.

• Include more vegetables, vitamin and protein rich food in the meal.

• Have adequate food, adequate sleep and practice exercises/yoga/pranayama etc. to build immunity.

• Always wear a mask while driving or travelling in a vehicle. Talking to traffic police or other citizens without wearing a mask increases the risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to wear a mask at all times while travelling.

• Avoid confined environment. Also avoid crowding and close contact with others.

• Don’t wait for too long in a cramped place.

• Make sure there are less people. and at a safe distance while walking/running.

• Do not spit in public places

• Take a bath and wash your clothes when you return home from office/outdoors.

• Avoid visiting areas / cities / states / countries where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly.

• Keep a note of places you have visited and people you have met if you have developed symptoms of COVID-19.

Family level:

• If a member of the family inadvertently violates corona guidelines, it should be brought to the person’s notice by other members.

• Keep an oxymeter to measure oxygen levels, wherever possible. The oxygen level of each member of the family should be checked at regular intervals and accurate records should be maintained.

• Keep a thermometer / thermal screening gun, wherever possible. • Special attention should be paid towards the health of children and senior citizens in the family.

• Ensure that members of the family who have co-morbidity take medication regularly and maintain their immunity.

• Sit beside each other instead of facing each other while having food with the family.

• As far as possible, only one member of the family should go out for work, taking all precautions.

• All members of the family should wear clean clothes every day. Do not reuse unwashed clothes.

• Personal items such as mobile phones should not be exchanged among family members. Ensure that even such items remain clean.

• Food parcels should not be left in the kitchen for long if ordered from outside. Immediately cover bins etc. after disposal of food containers/packets.

• Vegetables, fruits etc. brought from the market should be cleaned before using.

• If the parcel ordered online / from outside contains non perishable items, don’t open the parcel for at least a day. Spray sanitizer on it and open it the next day.

• Floors, kitchens, toilets etc. should be cleaned regularly using disinfectants.

• Indian-style toilets should be kept clean and the lid on western-style toilets should be shut before flushing.

• Avoid meeting relatives, friends etc.

• Family events and parties should be avoided. If the event is unavoidable, it should be organised following guidelines set by the Government and all necessary measures should be taken.

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